TaDah Corp Services

Migrate off Lotus Notes

The only independent application assessment and point-to-point migration engine. Archive Notes apps and mail to the cloud. Migration, no matter how large, at a fixed cost. Fast, reliable, simple. Elevate legacy Notes apps with search data, build or integrate into new apps without the need for Notes expertise. Support for Salesforce, Azure, AWS and more.

Custom Software Solutions

Built-to-suit business software products and services. Prestigious customers around the world have counted on us for 20 years. When software cannot fail, as with 911, healthcare or chemical factories. Big data, AI, all in cloud and mobile environments.

Rethinking School Safety

Game-changing platform to detect, notify and track incidents in public spaces. like schools. A perfect blend of custom electronics and software easy to integrate in an evolving world. Simple to use, inexpensive, rock-solid and future-proof.

Onshore Outsourced R&D

Creative, confidential and proven resource augmentation. Projects at the intersection of one of more technologies such as AI, big data, security, cloud-computing, and embedded electronics. Recent deliverables include Tesla Energy controllers, fail-proof SMS, mobile video streaming, image recognition activated devices and long-distance radio transmissions.